Sunday, September 27, 2009

PERSONAL: [mina's bday | scavenger hunt]

i had never really heard of a bday scavenger hunt before. So when i heard about Mina's, my initial thought/reaction was "this could either be super fun or really awful!" But to honest, it was SO much FUN!!!

they broke us up into groups. they separate the couples into different groups, which i think was smart (i think i had more fun not being on the hubby's team ha). then they gave us a list of things we have to do, get, photograph and/or video tape. (i.e. get a stranger to pump your gas, human pyramid in front of the Mc Donald's arches, find a 1979 coin, 42¢ stamp, get an application at a hostess bar, down a beer with a stranger, take 4 shots, take a photo on a firetruck (extra points if with a fire fighter), slide down the fire station pole...) each item was given a point of how much it's worth and at the end of the hunt everyone's items were tallied up based of the points and not the number of items your group completed.

my team consist of me, kelsey, morgan, jay & steve. unfortunately we came in second to the hubby's team. but in the end we all had fun time... we even wanted to try and extend the scavenger hunt.

all in all what a great idea. i highly recommend this to everyone. here's some of the photos of the tasks we accomplished...

oh yeah and while doing these tasks we had to wear masks. heehee

hope you had a fun filled birthday.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | emmys]

We've been gearing up for the Emmy's every since I've started interning, which has been almost a month & a half now.

And today all our hard work & long hours will pay off. We dressed 4 clients for tonight's event & all 4 dresses are gorgeous! But we all know its not only about the dress... Its the hair, make up & accessories as well. Which sadly isn't always in the stylist control but none the less they all looked fabulous tonight!

We also got a few new interns this week in which one of them I get the feeling is very cut throat and is willing to stab people in the back to get what & where she wants. She's already trying to get bossy with everyone on her 3rd day. So I must watch what I say to her & keep my distance.

All I know is I just have to keep my head held high & stay forever on the up rise!

Did you guys watch the Emmy's? I normally get bored of awards shows, but Neil Patrick Harris did a good job. It was entertaining.

Ok I'm pooped, Good night!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FASHION: [shoe designer | brian atwood]

My current favorite shoe designer is Brian Atwood... Love love love! Such cute shoes... I adore! Such a classic style. The photo above is just one of my favs in his collection.

But don't get me wrong I'm still madly in love with Christian Louboutin's shoes too. :p

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | reem acra]

The Emmys are this Sunday, which means busy, busy, busy! Today we worked 12+hrs, met with fashion designer, Reem Acra, who btw is so extremely sweet, adorable & so amazing! <3 her! We got to see first hand her Spring 2010 collection, fresh off the NY runway. Had 3 fittings back to back and our last fitting ended @ 8pm.

What a crazy long day. But to tell you the truth meeting Reem Acra was so worth all of that, I'm still in ahh from meeting her. What an amazing experience, I'm so extremely grateful for all the opportunities/experiences the stylist has given me thus far (little over a month). Its definitely hard work, but worth every moment.

Styling is definitely want I wanna do, I enjoy every moment of it. Its as fun & exciting as it sounds but a lot more work & harder than you'd think it would be.

Ok Off to bed, another long day & early start tomorrow. Boy am I pooped.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

FASHION: [fashion week | ny spring 2010 | pt 1]

here are some of my favs from New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 so far...







Thursday, September 10, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | coco before chanel]

[image taken w/my bb outside the theater]

The stylist's Assistant & I have been starting work super early and @ times working late as well and it really meant a lot to us when the stylist was nice enough (& we were lucky enough) to let us go to the Coco before Chanel LA premiere yesterday night to watch the movie before it comes drops in theaters.

We were exhausted & had to start work early again the next day, but it was worth it. The movie was AMAZING, we loved it! Audrey Tautou was adorable (in the movie @ at the premiere). I don't normally like foreign films, reading subtitles to me... takes away from the movie, but Coco before Chanel was so well done. Of course to enjoy the film you'd probably have to LOVE Chanel, and/or love fashion because otherwise why would you care about Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's life before Chanel, right?!

Funny side note/story for you guys. so a while back when I was still a full-time graphic designer looking into getting my foot in the door as a fashion stylist, I received an email from the FIDM alumi department inviting me to a fashion stylist mixer/panel (last year). So of course I went, thought I'd get insight on how to start to become a stylist & where to start. I was also hoping to get inspired and to get guidance but got the complete opposite from this stylist. funniest thing though... Last night I saw the stylist @ the premiere and was seated right next to the stylist. Apart of me wanted to say "My foots in the door Bee-otch! Even though you told me I didn't have a chance with a graphics background. Now what?! AND I'm sitting next to you @ this premiere. Get off your high horse please!!" Ha! But I was mature & did say anything. Lol. This story proves to you that when you keep your head held high, you will forever stay on the up rise! Don't let no one hold you down!


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PERSONAL: [internship | 90210]

Most days consist of pulling clothing for clients and/or doing returns. Which I do enjoy doing, but what might (I said might) top that is when we're able to dress the client & get them ready for the actual event. I've been able to do fittings which is super exciting, but being able to see everything come together is just AMAZING!

On this day I was able to go with the stylist and help dress a client from 90210 for an event. Just being able to see the hair, make up, clothes & accessories all put together is very rewarding for me. And when the client has a smile & feels gorgeous/sexy/beautiful its to die for... Nothing better (ok maybe but only a rare few moment are better ha)!

You always hear stories about celebrities and how diva-ish they are. But to be honest this client was nothing but sweet/adorable to me. I <3 her, she's such a doll!


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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PERSONAL: [day 7 | internship]

Today was a fairly slow day. Looked thru & organized all the possible Emmy dress and put them on racks so that the stylist can see what options we have.

There's this AMAZING couture dress... AMAZING. But unfortunately its not the right color for the client. If only I had a reason/event to wear something like that to. Shoot I'd even be happy with just being able to try it on! Ha. Its Seriously GORGEOUS! The fabric (silk & lace), draping, how its gathered, how it lays/flows,... To die for!

As for today's highlight: I was told/forced (ha!) to try QuickTrim diet pills because the stylist didn't wanna be wired with energy so she had me try it first. And everyone that knows me knows I can't swallow pills, but she was like "no, ill show you. I had the same problem" so she shoves the pill down my throat and pours tons water in my mouth. If only you guys could see how much water I spit back up haha BUT amazingly the pill went down... YAY!! (Which BTW feels like its still stuck in my throat even though I know its not ha) Obviously things work differently with different people, but let me just tell you... Not a fan! I feel boated, gas-y, tummy hurts, & I feel like I have to poo. Yuck, never again! But YAY for swallowing my first pill EVERRR!!! Ha

Bed time (as you can see the diet pill didn't give me energy ha), early day tomorrow. Day 8: Emmy fitting.

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PERSONAL: [fashion | stylist | internship]

People always say that things happen for a reason & that when one door closes another one opens. I've always somewhat believed in that saying, but it really wasn't until recently that I've come to truly believe in it.

I've been a Graphic Designer for the last 7yrs and for the last 4-5yrs I've been dreaming of starting a new career in Fashion and since I know I wouldn't be great at being a full on fashion designer, I've always thought it would be amazing if I could try to become a fashion stylist.

I grew up being a tomboy so I was really late to the fashion game, but better late than never, right?! Ha. I think we all grow, change & mature everyday of our lives. We never stop growing & changing into the person we are & who we're going to be. This is why I started my career as a Graphic Designer, figured out the hard way that sitting in front of a computer all day wasn't my cup of tea but at the same time I found my love for fashion. (When I mean fashion I don't mean Brand names, because fashion to me isn't about the Brands. Its about the look, the style & the fit.)

You might be wondering why I waited so long to change my career, and to be honest... It was the money. Luckily for me, the hubby & I have worked are tails off for the last 8-7yrs to be able to be in an amazing position where we've saved a good amount of money, and the hubby is making enough on his own for us to be able to live off of while I get to try to start my career from the bottom up.

As we all know the economy is not doing well at all. So back in June I was laid off from my Graphic Design position and to tell you the truth, it was very bitter sweet! It actually gave me the push to finally try and pursue something that I've only dreamed about. The only problem, its not an easy task to get your foot in the door and to become a stylist with NO fashion background. A part of me thought it would never happen and that I'd probably have to go back to being a Graphic Designer (which isn't horrible, just not what I wanna do at the moment). But then I get a call from the hubby's cousin telling me about this amazing opportunity to internship with a celebrity fashion stylist. I seriously DIED when she told me about it and next thing you know, I'm an intern!

Its a once in a life time opportunity and I thank the hubby & cousin so much for their love & support in my new adventure (of course along w/all my family & friends). The experience has been crazy but worth it. I've loved every moment of it so far.

Since I've been super busy with this internship I haven't had time to blog as much. But I thought maybe it would be fun if I started to blog more about my internship. If not for you guys, then for me so I can someday read back & remember everything. We all know how awful my memory is. Ha!

Here's a little break down of what I've been able to do so far:
• Dropped off shoes to one of the clients home
• Pulled clothes/shoes for client to attend the Melrose Place premiere
• Returned a huge bag full of Jimmy Choo shoes
• Pulled dresses for a client to attend the emmy's
• returned clothes back to the fashion houses/showrooms
• Help fit clients for their events
• Bring clothes to get tailored
• Pull/return shoes at Sergio Rossi's PR's showroom

**pulling clothes means going to a fashion showroom or store and grabbing possible clothing options for a client to wear to their event.**

Today's highlight: picking up 4 possible Emmy dresses at Valentino. What a heard life right?! Lol <3

wish me luck!

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