Saturday, December 20, 2008

FAMILY//: [miss you]

Some days are easier than others. But I always miss you and wish you were here. Its almost been 2 years and yet it still feels like yesterday. Not a day passing without me feeling bad about taking you for granted.

I love you, miss you and will never forget you!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

MUST HAVE//: [car | butt warmer]

Winter is finally here in LaLa Land (YAY for the snow, boo for the cold) and with that comes freezing cold cars in the mornings on our way into work. And like me I'm assuming your cars also take a while to heat up enough to be able to blow out warm/hot air into your car.

This is way I filed this under the "Must Have". Ever morning (even when its not winter out... I get cold easily) instead of turning my car heater on right away I just push my seat heater button. It warms my bum up in a jiffy!

I had this function on my '97 M3 and so it was a MUST that I had it in a my car. That was the only extra option I wanted and got. I honestly don't know how I'd survive without it... Haha okie I'm lying, but it is one of those luxury items on the top of my list.

Keep warm and toasty during this holiday season!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

FOOD//: [lunch | blu jam]

Today i went with my coworkers chris and rachel to this little place called "blu Jam" for lunch today.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with fruit. It was delish! If only they had tomato soup with cheese so i could dip the sandwich in... Yum!

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FAMILY//: [shortie | new do]

This weekend we took Shortie to get his hair did. It was windy and raining so I put on his trench coat.

Daren hates when I put clothes on shortie but he gets cold easily (like me!)and I think shortie likes being fashionable ha!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

ENTERTAINMENT//: [ broadway | wicked]

I've always heard good thing about the show "Wicked" it's been playing in LA for a few years now, but i never had a real urge to go until i heard it was finally leaving LA to go to SF. So my friend Justin and i bought tickets and decided we had to watch it before it left.

let me just tell you... AMAZING! i recommend EVERYONE to go see it if and when you can. i'd have to admit that i'm not a HUGE musical fan. i've only seen "the Lion King" and "Stomped" which we're good, but not nearly as good as WICKED. Wicked was so good i'd go see it again.

Trust me i know i'm hyping it up and you're probably thinking, yeah yeah yeah. But even after everyone hyped it up for me, it was still AMAZING and to be completely honest i don't normally like things after they've been hyped up. but nope, they hype didn't even phase me... it was still crazy AMAZING.

on top of that we got the UNDERSTUDY, Vicki Noon. She was SO good, we're wondering how good the original "wicked" witch is?! Vicky Noon was so good she gave me goose bumps.

you guys have to go see this show if you guys have the opportunity too... you wont regret it!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

XMAS LIST//: [wish list]

in no particular order...

1: CHLOÉ - Saskia square tote $2,005
i've liked this bag for a while now and i still want it.

2: LUXURY PLUSH ROBE $59 @ Restoration Hardware

3: Christian Louboutin - Rolando Hidden Platform Pump 700.00

4: YSL - Tribute pump $660

5: Christian Louboutin - Ginevra Tall Boot $1280

6: Christian Louboutin - Belle Bootie $885

7: CHLOÉ - Heloise East-West Satchel, Medium 1975.00

8: Haute Hippie- Hooded Leather jacket $895

9: HP - mini 1000 netbook about $500

10: Lanvin - Jeanne Lanvin perfume

11: Versace - Versus time for pleasure
**one of my fav's that im almost out of**

more to come....

Friday, December 05, 2008

WISH LIST//: [fashion meets technology]

As a Graphic Designer it's a given that I'm a Mac user, but before i became a Graphic Designer i used a PC. It's been over 8 years since i've been a constant PC user but i think that might soon change... will sort of.

Although i love Mac's and of course will never give up on being a Mac user (being that i am a graphic designer and all) the fact is that almost all of my technological toys are PC based. Which you'd think being that the hubby is a PC user i wouldn't have any trouble right?! Well not exactly, he took apart his desktop and left it at his parents house. Oh but wait, he did just buy a new gaming laptop... oh but yeah no. he leaves that at his friends house 24/7. So i thought, why don't i just get a mini PC netbook for all that stuff. plus it'll be better to travel with a mini laptop (like to visit my parents, road trips, flights, airports, etc.) when i don't need to work on any graphic stuff. (because right now my Mac laptop takes up a whole carry-on.. not cool =p)

Ok to tell you the truth i didn't really start thinking about getting a PC netbook until i saw this one...

HP Mini 100 Vivienne Tam Edition - Starts at $699.99 @
Dimensions 10.3 in (L) x 6.56 in (W) x 0.99 in (H)
Weight 2.45lbs

isn't she a BEAUTY??!! she's a size of a clutch. PERFECT!

** one of the main negative things for me tho is that it has no CD/DVD drive. oh well... good thing it wouldn't be my main computer ha. oh and being a mini laptop it only get maybe half of the battery life of a normal laptop.


or should i just get their black one which cost about $200 cheaper. =P

but i do love the gold on the red one.. maybe ill just paint some of the parts on the black one gold muwahaha.

what do you think??
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