Saturday, November 29, 2008

FASHION//: [jacket | leather]

for YEARS now i've been looking for a motorcycle leather jacket. i'm still on the hunt.. but i'm really liking this one by Haute Hippie.


PERSONAL//: [giving thanks | 2008]

i hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

this year my parents headed down to have thanksgiving dinner with me, daren and his family. i decided that it was time for me to learn how to cook Thanksgiving dinner so i asked daren's mom if i could help out. so next year the turkey is all me! lol daren's mom likes to do 2 small 13 lb turkeys instead of one big one. which makes a lot of sense, it keep the meat from drying out, more dark meat, etc. normally she bakes them both, but this year she tired roasting one too. both we're very good, but i think i still like the over baked turkey better... its a little juicier. 

we also made homemade yukon gold mash potatoes, green been casserole, stuffing, etc. YUM! and aunty marcia bought us Thanksgiving flowers.. aren't they beautiful?! 

Friday, November 28, 2008

PERSONAL//: [make up | brushes]

They say you should clean your make up brushes at least once a month or so. To be honest I can't even remember the last time I actually cleaned my make up brushes.

Every time I remember to clean them I don't have enough time to let them dry. the thicker brushes like the blush & powder take at least 2 days maybe 3 depending on the temp in the room.

Well you'd be happy to know that during this wonderful 4 day weekend I decided to FINALLY clean my make up brushes. I seriously forgot how super soft they are when they're clean. :p

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

NOTE TO SELF//: [santa monica | furniture]

I was driving home tonight after having dinner with the hubby and one of his college friends in Santa Monica and I saw so many cute little furniture stores that I wanna check out once we buy a place.

I don't wanna spend too much on nice furniture until we get a place of our own.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PERSONAL//: [family | photo]

Here's a family picture of the hubby & I with my parents in old sacramento. My parents wanted to get a family portrait (for xmas cards) of us while they can since the hubby doesn't make it up to sac very often.

We went up the first weekend in Nov to celebrate my dad's retirement.

I glad my dad looks truly happy in this photo. Its been a while.

oh and yes daren's that short... and it doesn't help much that i was wearing heels lol.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

GREAT FIND//: [dishes | china-esq]

So the hubby and I never felt the need to put fine china dishes on our registry when we got married because we'd most likely never/hardly use them so we never felt the need for us to even have them.

So I was strolling around on of my #1 favorite store ever, Target and I found these dishes that are under their limited holiday sets. Aren't they cute?! They can so be our "fine china" without the expensive price tag right??

So I officially mark these as a "Great Find". ^_^

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PERSONAL//: [weekend | the sato's]

Kel, brent & baby brodie are in town this weekend for a wedding down in San pedro. So this morning before the wedding I headed down there to see them. Yay!

The picture above is of baby bro having fun on the bed in the hotel suite.

Isn't he too cute?! He so funny. I love when he smiles.

Like how all I do when I see them is take photos of baby bro and not of me, kel or brent anymore lol. The baby gets all the attention.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

PERSONAL//: [shortie | the yorkie]

Almost every night shortie feels the need to pee all over the floor instead of on his pee pad like he's suppose too.

Some of you might think its because he's probably not potty train but nope he is. He's just one of those dogs that has to have his way or else... He'll drink all his water in his bowl and pee where he's not suppose too.

So most mornings I'm having to clean up his mess before I leave for work. the photo above is from this morning. i made him sit where he's suppose to go pee. i swear i'm "this close" to putting a dipper on him. ha

He's lucky he's cute! No... Seriously ^_^

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

TV SHOW//: [nbc | lipstick jungle]

awe man, rumor is that lipstick jungle got canceled and is going off the air... NOOoOOo! 

PERSONAL//: [life | health | work]

As some of you might already know I've had a tension headache for the last 3 weeks straight. I've seen my doctor and he believes that the tension in my neck and shoulders that are the cause of the headaches. The doc advised me to take motrin and stretch my neck out while holding a cold compress on it. He was going to give me muscle relaxers but didn't since I can't swallow pills and they don't make a liquid form because they don't give them to children. (Which HELLO I'm sure I'm not the only adult who can't take pills. Geez! Lol) or I could crush them and take them.

Well the motrin never worked and the cold compress confused me because cold I thought made the muscles more stiff. The doc told me to go back to him in a week if my headache persist, but I've been so busy at work lately I haven't been able to go.

I did however went with mina to go get a massage last Sunday. I decided to get a 80 min deep tissue massage for the first time. I was scared because when u hear the words deep + tissue + massage you think it must = pain lol. But it was great! My headache was still there but she got my super tense shoulders to drop a lot. They're still however tense but ill take the blame for that. I really shouldn't let them build up as bad as I do.

I started to think about how my work area is set up and if its the cause of all my pain. So I requested IT to left up my monitors so that I'm not looking down at them and they advised me that they way my keyboard and wacom tablet was set up is putting a lot of strain on you left arm (oh yeah that's been hurting too, I'm not even 30 and all messed up already lol) so I moved them around and also I'm getting a ergonomic chair. I'm sure hoping this all helps. I can't wait to be headache free again.

I also want to try acupuncture. My coworker lucia, does it every saturday for her tense shoulders and she swears by it. Ill try anything at this point.

My parents are a little overly concerned. My older brother first was diagnosed with a strained shoulder muscle that turned out later to be cancer (lymphoma) which took his life with in a year of being diagnosed. So my parents asked me if the doctor took x-rays. Everyone knows that they're not going to give you x-rays right away unless your symptoms are extreme. But I love my parents for being so concerned.

Apart of me is wondering is this my body's way of telling me to try another profession?! Hmm I wonder! Lol

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

MOBILE//: [iphone app | easy writer]

So I was surfing thru the iPhones app store seeing what cool free apps
I could download and I came across this app called "easy writer" it
let's you compose an email with iPhones sideways keyboard and then
imports it into your email

Try it out.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

MUST HAVE//: [google | mobile maps]

i've been hearing about google maps for your mobile device for a little while now and since the Blackberry doesn't have a maps application like the iphone did i decided to give it a try and download the free application

let me just say it's amazing! even better than the iphone maps application (which is google as well). google maps mobile can target your exact location to the T (unlike the iphone gen1 where it showed just the general area) and it gives you a "street view" option so that you know what the place you're driving to looks like from the outside. AMAZING! 

i recommend that everyone to download this onto the mobile device. it's a very hand thing to have in the end. (especially blackberry uses that don't pay for the maps)


MOBILE//: [iphone game | parking lot]

One of the greatest games on the iPhone if you like puzzles is this game called PARKING LOT. It has puzzles ranging from easy to hard with 9 different packs and about 38 puzzles in each pack.

Both the hubby and I are both trying to go from pack 1-9 and finishing each and every puzzles in the pack. Some of them are extremely hard. It's very addicting, for us at least. ^_^

So if you have a iPhone and/or iPod touch I strongly recommend this game to you.

** for those of you who are wondering the BB Bold is still my main phone. But I'm able to use my iPhone thru wifi. So it's like a iPod touch with a camera now. ^_^

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Friday, November 07, 2008

FASHION//: [dressing | up]

i went shopping last night to help my friend try and find a black dress. unfortunately we weren't able to find her a dress, but i did come across this super cute dress.. 

isn't it so cute? I WANT! lol

Thursday, November 06, 2008

TECHNOLOGY//: [smartphone | bb bold]

the BLACKBERRY BOLD officially was released yesterday in the USA by AT&T.... FINALLY! and of course like the tech whore that i am i had to go get one. i've been waiting for this smartphone to come out since May 2008 and it's gotten pushed back 4 times since july. but to be honest so far so good. it's a new device with a new OS so there's not a lot of applications etc out right now (like AIM) and/or there's a little tweaks in few of them that are out like the facebook app. its not as good as the iPhone's facebook app, thats not really a deal breaker here for me lol. 

i'll give my official complete review after i've had it for a while. i'm a new BB user so i'm figuring everything out as i go. but so far what i do like about it vs. the iPhone is the email. the BB email system is seamless compared to the iPhones... the iPhones doesnt even come close. 

one of the negative things is that the dont have an official BB tools for Mac users. there is something called PocketMac but its not reliable and it took me probably 20 tries for it to finally work and get all my contacts onto my BB. i'm not sure if its because i have the new BB Bold which has a completely new OS, but i wasn't able to sync or add music or videos which sucks and unfortunately the only way to add things onto the BB is thru BB tools and/or PocketMac. but other than thats it's GRRREAT.. so far. lol

i finally figured out how to sync my music and video on the BB BOLD via PocketMac. i did some research online last night and came across this link that tells you how. the only thing is it doesnt work with the song you directly purchased from itunes. in itunes you have to convert them into MP3 in order to add them on to the device.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

FASHION//: [argyle | cardigan]

i love argyle and i love cardigans so ARGYLE + CARDIGAN = LOVE IT! 


PERSONAL//: [photos | sacramento]

this past weekend (halloween weekend) the hubby and i headed to good ol' sacramento to celebrate my dad's ("faux" as annie would say ha) retirement party. he's still going to work part time, thats why annie calls it his "faux" retirement party lol.

i really need to get better at taking more photos with my camera. ^_^

thanks to everyone who came out the help celebrate. xoxo

Monday, November 03, 2008

PERSONAL//: [photos | halloween 2008|

every year my company puts on a HUGE halloween party for their employees and clients. i wasn't feeling well but decided to get dressed up and hang out for an hour or so anyways. i had a bday dinner for krista to go to before hand so i went thru my wardrobe and put together anything that i couldn't wear normally and something that kinda looks liked a costume.

i think thats my new costume.. every year i decide to dress up i'm going just throw on something in my closet that i can't wear on a normal bases... it is the one day you can dress up right?! lol

MUST HAVE//: [comfort | dr. scholl's heel liners]

these Dr. Scholl's heel liners and one of my MUST HAVES. i put them in almost every pair of my high heels. lately i haven't been able to find them in the stores. all they have are the crappy Dr. Scholls's "for her" heel liner which is rubber and made me get blisters... so don't get those. make sure they're the soft gray ones.. they work SO well. LOVE THEM!
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