Thursday, November 13, 2008

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As some of you might already know I've had a tension headache for the last 3 weeks straight. I've seen my doctor and he believes that the tension in my neck and shoulders that are the cause of the headaches. The doc advised me to take motrin and stretch my neck out while holding a cold compress on it. He was going to give me muscle relaxers but didn't since I can't swallow pills and they don't make a liquid form because they don't give them to children. (Which HELLO I'm sure I'm not the only adult who can't take pills. Geez! Lol) or I could crush them and take them.

Well the motrin never worked and the cold compress confused me because cold I thought made the muscles more stiff. The doc told me to go back to him in a week if my headache persist, but I've been so busy at work lately I haven't been able to go.

I did however went with mina to go get a massage last Sunday. I decided to get a 80 min deep tissue massage for the first time. I was scared because when u hear the words deep + tissue + massage you think it must = pain lol. But it was great! My headache was still there but she got my super tense shoulders to drop a lot. They're still however tense but ill take the blame for that. I really shouldn't let them build up as bad as I do.

I started to think about how my work area is set up and if its the cause of all my pain. So I requested IT to left up my monitors so that I'm not looking down at them and they advised me that they way my keyboard and wacom tablet was set up is putting a lot of strain on you left arm (oh yeah that's been hurting too, I'm not even 30 and all messed up already lol) so I moved them around and also I'm getting a ergonomic chair. I'm sure hoping this all helps. I can't wait to be headache free again.

I also want to try acupuncture. My coworker lucia, does it every saturday for her tense shoulders and she swears by it. Ill try anything at this point.

My parents are a little overly concerned. My older brother first was diagnosed with a strained shoulder muscle that turned out later to be cancer (lymphoma) which took his life with in a year of being diagnosed. So my parents asked me if the doctor took x-rays. Everyone knows that they're not going to give you x-rays right away unless your symptoms are extreme. But I love my parents for being so concerned.

Apart of me is wondering is this my body's way of telling me to try another profession?! Hmm I wonder! Lol

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  1. awe jen, take care of yourself. i worry! keep me posted buddy -annie


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