Monday, March 30, 2009

DESIGN: [letterpress | engagement book]

Studio on Fire was commissioned to design an engagement book consisting of a collection of emails between a couple that were eventually letterpress printed and bound.

I think this is the cutest/sweetest idea ever!
i wish i would've thought of that.

{source: love made visible}

INTERIOR: [bedding | rubie green]

personally I'm not much of a huge pattern fan. i love using them like bright colors... as accents to a look and even then I'm super pick on the print design it self when it comes to patterns.

So when i came across this bedding collection i loved the color pallet along with the prints. Of course, I'd never go matchy-matchy and have my bed all the same pattern, I'd definitely throw a solid duvet along with some other solid pillows to soften the look. But these are definitely cute!

What's even better it that Rubie Green went completely "green" with organic cotton and it's printed from a eco-friendly certified factory.

{source: Rubie Green}

INSPERATION: [quotes| be you]

{source: creature comforts}

ACCESSORIES: [headband | rhinestones]

I'm so in love with this rhinestone headband from Jennifer Behr...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FASHION: [wish | list]

this has been sitting in my "drafts" for a while now, so i thought i'd post it even tho i never had a chance to finish adding to it.

MOVIE: [twilight | on demand]

I don't really the have time to look at magazines let alone read a novel. So its very safe to say that I haven't read the Twilight series. Which also means I'm not sure what all the hypes about.

Because I wasn't a fan & did understand the hype, I didn't feel the need to watch the movie in the theaters.... But with the super fast turn around from theaters to DVD now days the movie was released on Saturday to DVD and even better it came out on Time Warner's "On-Demand" so I didn't have to leave my cozy apartment while I was sick and it was just a click away... YAY for convenience!

To be completely honest the first time I watched it with the hubby I didn't hate it, but it wasn't very good. I thought the acting was over the top & the directing was as well.

But sense On-Demand gives you 24 hrs to watch the movie you've paid for, I decided to give it a second chance. Surprisingly the second time around made more sense and the acting & directing didn't seem as over the top as it had the previous time. Maybe because I knew what to expect or maybe it was because after watching it the first time without reading the book I got a better understanding of the story/characters in the movie?!

In any case it was entertaining for me to watch and I think it was a little too sappy for the hubby's personal taste. As for the future, will I watch the second or third movie in theaters... Ehh probably not, but you never know!


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FLOWERS: [tulips | hubby]

The tulips that the hubby gave me on Saturday are slowly blooming.

Aren't they gorgeous???!!!
Thanks again Beluga 123.


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

PERSONAL: [hubby | tulips]

I woke up Saturday morning feeling really sore and ill. So I slept most of the day away. The hubby had to go do some work and when he came home he brought me food and these lovely tulips photographed above. Sometimes the hubby can be really sweet haha.

Thanks beluga 123

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Friday, March 20, 2009

BDAY: [happy 31st | douglas]

They say as time goes by it'll get easier. But I still miss you just as much as I did last year. I know that I'll never stop missing you but maybe one day it won't hurt anymore.

Happy Birthday Big Bro!

Watch over me...
Love you always

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

STYLE: [looks | hair]

have you ever felt like you wanted to get you're haircut, but could never find a image of the style you wanted?! well now all you're problems have been answered!!

"It’s a new site from Citysearch called where women upload pictures of their hair and say where they got it cut. The idea is that once they amass a big enough catalogue of ladies, you'll be able to just search your city and hair type and browse through each salon’s work until you find the one that would really “get” you. You know, sort of like online dating, but for your hair.

Now, it’s new, so there are only so many pictures on the site so far. But if enough women get onboard, this could potentially be a really great resource for anyone still on the hunt for a hairstylist they’d like to go steady with." -

happy hunting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FASHION: [fidm | stylist panel]

tonight i attended the Stylist Mixer at FIDM. I went in hopes that somehow listening to their journey and accomplishments it would somehow help me figure out my next step into the fashion industry and how i can get my foot in the door.

I'm not sure if I've ever said this, but i don't just want to become a fashion stylist or fashion editor... i actually also would LOVE to do anything that's behind the scenes in the fashion industry. like i would love love love to help out behind the scenes at fashion shows etc.

But being that the last 7 years of my life I've been a graphic designer it's been a little hard trying to get even an internship and/or assistant job doing anything in fashion. Even the Stylist today said that they would never have someone intern for them with just a Graphic Design background. Which to be honest made me think a little pessimistically, but that just mean i have to try that much hard and do whatever i can to gain experience.

it's been a few years but i just remember that i helped style my friends for their CD cover photo shoot (one of the photos is to the left). i had so much fun and it was so worth my time. they didn't have a budget so we had to use the clothing that they already had. i think that's what i have to do more of to gain experience and to start a portfolio of work. it's going to be hard and rough at times, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?! and i'm willing to do it... life is way too short to live it hating your job. not that i hate my job, but you know what i mean right?!

one good thing about the Stylist Mixer is that one of the stylist didn't have a fashion degree either AND he started when he was 28 as well. so that made me worry less about my age and my lack of fashion degree. Although it's not needed to be/become a stylist, i still want to learn how to sew and learn as much about fashion designing as possible. The more you know the more of an asset you'll be... don't cha think?! we'll i do!

sometimes i wish i was 17 all over again so that i could already make my way into fashion, instead of taking the super long way. but then i realize that every stepping stone is a learning experience and you can never learn enough.

if any of you have advice or would like to help me out in anyway (i.e. let me help style you for a photo shoot, etc) i'd greatly appreciate it.


HAPPY BDAY: [hubby | 30th]


love you.

{photo: taken 2007 @ dave & mina's wedding}

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ACCESSORIES: [bag | fetish}

i want them all!! lol
for those of you that know me, know i'm addicted to bags.

yes i'm a bag lady, i know!

Monday, March 09, 2009

TRAVELS: [mammoth lake | snowboarding]

this weekend i headed up to Mammoth lake mountain with Corey, Saki, Taryn and Andy.

we got hooked up this trip. Corey found a friends family cabin that they let us rent for cheap and Taryn, the craigslist master, got use a discount on our tickets. the whole weekend gas, cabin, food, tickets etc. cost a whopping $130. best trip ever!!!!

thanks guys!

Friday, March 06, 2009

TV SHOW: [abdc 3 | quest crew]

the winner of this season of America's Best Dance Crew is...

they faced the talented all girl group Beat Freaks for the top spot. Although the Beat Freaks are talented... in the end the the Quest Crew was Over the top entertaining and extremely talented.

to be completely honest the last performance before the finale KILLED it and made my decision so much easier on who i thought should win. while the Beat Freaks performance was some what lacking compared to their previous routines, the Quest Crews was CRAZY! what they did at the end was MONEY! they showed it in the perviews leading up to the performance and i was still (and still am) AMAZED! even other all the stunts and trips they pull off is over the top... worth watching.

they're just as entertaining as the Jabba's, just in different ways.

here's the episode before the finale:

or click here if you'd like to see the performance. the routine i'm talking about is at the end of the show.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FYI: [bb bold | lanyard]

did you guys know that the blackberry bold 9000 has a lanyard holder???

i'm so sad, because when i first got the phone i was looking for a place to put the lanyard and i saw the hole and the hook (but i didnt know it was a hook) i was going to loops it around the frame but i thought i might be covering a mic or something...

if only i knew this earlier maybe i wouldn't have dropped my phone and jacked up the frame 2 months after getting it. ha oh well... lesson learned!

if you need replacement part for you phone like i do after dropping it.. go check out my coworker said he's ordered stuff from there and it was pretty close to the manufacturers.

go to to see why you should have a lanyard. lol


FOOD: [vietnamese | nem nuong cuon]

omg annie's created a monster! she took me to a place up in Sac and had me try these for the first time last year and every since then i've been craving them. they're so DELISH!

i even search online to see if there was a place near me that serves them.. and i did! i'm going to try them this week (if not tonight) lol!

they're pork spring rolls.. so YUMMIE!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ART: [poster | graphics | typography]

how cute would this be in a nursery or a child's room? love it!

{source: nella designs}

Monday, March 02, 2009

ACCESSORIES: [payless shoes | designers line]

alice & olivia for payless

lela rose for payless

FASHION: [payless shoes | Christian Siriano]

Christian Siriano
said he was going to debut a line for payless shoe source in December!!
The shoes range from $25 to $45…

I'm loving the fashion designers designing for the masses thing and i want those brown booties (bottom right)


FASHION: [target | alexander mcqueen]

Mina told me she went to target (torrance, ca) on sunday and she said they had already put out the McQ line for target.

So today I decided to check out the target by my work (hollywood, ca) to see if they did also... And they DID, so did another on close to where I live (west la).

I'm so sad! Most of the items left weren't my style, lucky I did find a couple of things left over that I liked. I guess I have to wait until releases it online on the 4th.

Happy hunting!

annie went to go check in Sacramento and they haven't put their shipment out yet.. LUCKY!

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ENTERTAINMENT: [tour | britney spears]

i'm not really a britney fan but one of my friends is actually one of brit's new backup dancers for her upcoming circus tour... it actually looks like it's going to be pretty entertaining. i kind wanna go! lol

PHOTO: [cory's bday | tobs, jen & jay]

I've know these two since 1996... We go WAY back! Lol <3
why am i so pale... i need to get into the sun more

and if you're wondering why i'm squinting it's because they kept making me laugh. i should've taken more photos but i forgot. the only reason why i have this one is because tobs wanted to take a photo with his phone. =p

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PHOTO: [sacramento| jen & michelle]

Feb 2009
thanks for sending me the photo michelle!!
can't wait to see you again!

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