Friday, March 06, 2009

TV SHOW: [abdc 3 | quest crew]

the winner of this season of America's Best Dance Crew is...

they faced the talented all girl group Beat Freaks for the top spot. Although the Beat Freaks are talented... in the end the the Quest Crew was Over the top entertaining and extremely talented.

to be completely honest the last performance before the finale KILLED it and made my decision so much easier on who i thought should win. while the Beat Freaks performance was some what lacking compared to their previous routines, the Quest Crews was CRAZY! what they did at the end was MONEY! they showed it in the perviews leading up to the performance and i was still (and still am) AMAZED! even other all the stunts and trips they pull off is over the top... worth watching.

they're just as entertaining as the Jabba's, just in different ways.

here's the episode before the finale:

or click here if you'd like to see the performance. the routine i'm talking about is at the end of the show.

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