Saturday, April 17, 2010

ACCESSORIES: [booties | balmain]

These lace up booties from Balmain by Giuseppe Zanotti are killer and are definitely on my wish list. I'm already running thru my head of how many different outfits i could pair theses lovelies with. I love how they're sexy but yet casual. Which gives a nice edginess to whatever look its paired with.

I've always loved and wanted a pair of lace up booties, but most of them seemed a little too trendy and less timeless. I personally think that Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain has came up with a perfect match for me and my taste in which i think is timeless. Now if only i could convince my hubs that i "need" them. haha

Balmain by Giuseppe Zanotti: cuff lace up booties $1495

Thursday, April 01, 2010

BEAUTY: [shu uemura leaves usa]

L'Oreal announced on Monday that they're shutting down US operations on Shu Uemura products. Which means they're taking them out of all the retail stores. Luckly they say we'll still be able to buy product from their website (

On a good note, Shu Uemura has brought back their limited edition 24 carat gold eyelash curler. You can get it on their website, as well as at Sephora for $24 (image on right). I'm going to pick mine up tomorrow. yay!

ACCESSORIES: [handbags | kate spade]

Kate Spade use to be the "it" bag designer back in the late '90s but i haven't paid much attention to the brand since than, until now that is. I was on a plane looking through one of the fashion magazines (can't remember which one) when i came across a photo of a purse that looked almost identical to a purse by Lanvin. I was presently surprised it was only $595 (in which i automatically knew it wasn't a Lanvin) and made by Kate Spade. so cute, right?!

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