Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PERSONAL [internship | nyc]

As most of you already know, I've been interning for an amazingly talented celebrity fashion Stylist for the last 3 months. Although I've learn a lot and gained a life time worth of experience in the short amount of time (which I'm truly grateful for), an opportunity has come to me that I had to jump on. Which means unfortunately I won't be interning for the Stylist any longer. I guess you can say the opportunity just landed in our laps and we ran with it.

A very good friend of mine just graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and we started to talk about what's her next step after graduating. She told me she was interested in looking for internships in NY & LA and I told her if she gets something in NY I'd go with her. At first it was just a thought and then we started to apply for internship out there just to see if they'd even be interested in having us intern. We (or at least I) wasn't expecting any responses at all, but once I got a few responses wanted to interview me, the next thing we knew... So was she. And that when we decided a month from yesterday we had to jump on the opportunity and move out to New York for a few months and try and get an internship within the Fashion Industry (me: fashion mag & PR/events. Her: fashion design). We know that if we didn't, we'd always say "what if?".

Our goal is to try and work/intern up until Fall 2010 Fashion week, which is mid February. Its a very crazy and exciting time for the both of us and we are truly touched by all the love & support we're receiving from our family & friends. You guys mean the world to us and we wouldn't be able to do this without you.

I know most of you guys are wondering... "What about your husband?", "are you guys still together?", is he going with you?". To answer all your questions: yes, we're still together/married. He's a wonderful loving husband who is allowing me to fallow/pursue my passion/dreams while he's trucking on at his job back in LA to pay the bills. I'm a lucky gal... I know!

The plane is landing and Interviews start tomorrow... Let the madness begin!

P.S. I forgot to mention the hubby also got a new job and we moved from West LA back down to Torrance all around the same time. We just got everything to Torrance on Sunday. I feel bad, there's boxes everywhere. I didn't have time to unpack. I was up until 4am this morning packing for NY. Crazy times & its about to get even crazier. Oh I also styled a photo shoot in the middle of all that as well... But that's another post.

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