Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FASHION: [fidm | stylist panel]

tonight i attended the Stylist Mixer at FIDM. I went in hopes that somehow listening to their journey and accomplishments it would somehow help me figure out my next step into the fashion industry and how i can get my foot in the door.

I'm not sure if I've ever said this, but i don't just want to become a fashion stylist or fashion editor... i actually also would LOVE to do anything that's behind the scenes in the fashion industry. like i would love love love to help out behind the scenes at fashion shows etc.

But being that the last 7 years of my life I've been a graphic designer it's been a little hard trying to get even an internship and/or assistant job doing anything in fashion. Even the Stylist today said that they would never have someone intern for them with just a Graphic Design background. Which to be honest made me think a little pessimistically, but that just mean i have to try that much hard and do whatever i can to gain experience.

it's been a few years but i just remember that i helped style my friends for their CD cover photo shoot (one of the photos is to the left). i had so much fun and it was so worth my time. they didn't have a budget so we had to use the clothing that they already had. i think that's what i have to do more of to gain experience and to start a portfolio of work. it's going to be hard and rough at times, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?! and i'm willing to do it... life is way too short to live it hating your job. not that i hate my job, but you know what i mean right?!

one good thing about the Stylist Mixer is that one of the stylist didn't have a fashion degree either AND he started when he was 28 as well. so that made me worry less about my age and my lack of fashion degree. Although it's not needed to be/become a stylist, i still want to learn how to sew and learn as much about fashion designing as possible. The more you know the more of an asset you'll be... don't cha think?! we'll i do!

sometimes i wish i was 17 all over again so that i could already make my way into fashion, instead of taking the super long way. but then i realize that every stepping stone is a learning experience and you can never learn enough.

if any of you have advice or would like to help me out in anyway (i.e. let me help style you for a photo shoot, etc) i'd greatly appreciate it.


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