Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MOVIE: [twilight | on demand]

I don't really the have time to look at magazines let alone read a novel. So its very safe to say that I haven't read the Twilight series. Which also means I'm not sure what all the hypes about.

Because I wasn't a fan & did understand the hype, I didn't feel the need to watch the movie in the theaters.... But with the super fast turn around from theaters to DVD now days the movie was released on Saturday to DVD and even better it came out on Time Warner's "On-Demand" so I didn't have to leave my cozy apartment while I was sick and it was just a click away... YAY for convenience!

To be completely honest the first time I watched it with the hubby I didn't hate it, but it wasn't very good. I thought the acting was over the top & the directing was as well.

But sense On-Demand gives you 24 hrs to watch the movie you've paid for, I decided to give it a second chance. Surprisingly the second time around made more sense and the acting & directing didn't seem as over the top as it had the previous time. Maybe because I knew what to expect or maybe it was because after watching it the first time without reading the book I got a better understanding of the story/characters in the movie?!

In any case it was entertaining for me to watch and I think it was a little too sappy for the hubby's personal taste. As for the future, will I watch the second or third movie in theaters... Ehh probably not, but you never know!


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