Friday, November 14, 2008

PERSONAL//: [shortie | the yorkie]

Almost every night shortie feels the need to pee all over the floor instead of on his pee pad like he's suppose too.

Some of you might think its because he's probably not potty train but nope he is. He's just one of those dogs that has to have his way or else... He'll drink all his water in his bowl and pee where he's not suppose too.

So most mornings I'm having to clean up his mess before I leave for work. the photo above is from this morning. i made him sit where he's suppose to go pee. i swear i'm "this close" to putting a dipper on him. ha

He's lucky he's cute! No... Seriously ^_^

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  1. omg. poor shortie. maybe if you didn't abuse him so much he'd be better. (i.e. leave him home alone all weekend) ps. he's soooo cute. hard to be mad at him! -annie


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