Thursday, November 06, 2008

TECHNOLOGY//: [smartphone | bb bold]

the BLACKBERRY BOLD officially was released yesterday in the USA by AT&T.... FINALLY! and of course like the tech whore that i am i had to go get one. i've been waiting for this smartphone to come out since May 2008 and it's gotten pushed back 4 times since july. but to be honest so far so good. it's a new device with a new OS so there's not a lot of applications etc out right now (like AIM) and/or there's a little tweaks in few of them that are out like the facebook app. its not as good as the iPhone's facebook app, thats not really a deal breaker here for me lol. 

i'll give my official complete review after i've had it for a while. i'm a new BB user so i'm figuring everything out as i go. but so far what i do like about it vs. the iPhone is the email. the BB email system is seamless compared to the iPhones... the iPhones doesnt even come close. 

one of the negative things is that the dont have an official BB tools for Mac users. there is something called PocketMac but its not reliable and it took me probably 20 tries for it to finally work and get all my contacts onto my BB. i'm not sure if its because i have the new BB Bold which has a completely new OS, but i wasn't able to sync or add music or videos which sucks and unfortunately the only way to add things onto the BB is thru BB tools and/or PocketMac. but other than thats it's GRRREAT.. so far. lol

i finally figured out how to sync my music and video on the BB BOLD via PocketMac. i did some research online last night and came across this link that tells you how. the only thing is it doesnt work with the song you directly purchased from itunes. in itunes you have to convert them into MP3 in order to add them on to the device.

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