Friday, December 05, 2008

WISH LIST//: [fashion meets technology]

As a Graphic Designer it's a given that I'm a Mac user, but before i became a Graphic Designer i used a PC. It's been over 8 years since i've been a constant PC user but i think that might soon change... will sort of.

Although i love Mac's and of course will never give up on being a Mac user (being that i am a graphic designer and all) the fact is that almost all of my technological toys are PC based. Which you'd think being that the hubby is a PC user i wouldn't have any trouble right?! Well not exactly, he took apart his desktop and left it at his parents house. Oh but wait, he did just buy a new gaming laptop... oh but yeah no. he leaves that at his friends house 24/7. So i thought, why don't i just get a mini PC netbook for all that stuff. plus it'll be better to travel with a mini laptop (like to visit my parents, road trips, flights, airports, etc.) when i don't need to work on any graphic stuff. (because right now my Mac laptop takes up a whole carry-on.. not cool =p)

Ok to tell you the truth i didn't really start thinking about getting a PC netbook until i saw this one...

HP Mini 100 Vivienne Tam Edition - Starts at $699.99 @
Dimensions 10.3 in (L) x 6.56 in (W) x 0.99 in (H)
Weight 2.45lbs

isn't she a BEAUTY??!! she's a size of a clutch. PERFECT!

** one of the main negative things for me tho is that it has no CD/DVD drive. oh well... good thing it wouldn't be my main computer ha. oh and being a mini laptop it only get maybe half of the battery life of a normal laptop.


or should i just get their black one which cost about $200 cheaper. =P

but i do love the gold on the red one.. maybe ill just paint some of the parts on the black one gold muwahaha.

what do you think??

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