Sunday, December 14, 2008

ENTERTAINMENT//: [ broadway | wicked]

I've always heard good thing about the show "Wicked" it's been playing in LA for a few years now, but i never had a real urge to go until i heard it was finally leaving LA to go to SF. So my friend Justin and i bought tickets and decided we had to watch it before it left.

let me just tell you... AMAZING! i recommend EVERYONE to go see it if and when you can. i'd have to admit that i'm not a HUGE musical fan. i've only seen "the Lion King" and "Stomped" which we're good, but not nearly as good as WICKED. Wicked was so good i'd go see it again.

Trust me i know i'm hyping it up and you're probably thinking, yeah yeah yeah. But even after everyone hyped it up for me, it was still AMAZING and to be completely honest i don't normally like things after they've been hyped up. but nope, they hype didn't even phase me... it was still crazy AMAZING.

on top of that we got the UNDERSTUDY, Vicki Noon. She was SO good, we're wondering how good the original "wicked" witch is?! Vicky Noon was so good she gave me goose bumps.

you guys have to go see this show if you guys have the opportunity too... you wont regret it!


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  1. I saw it this past May and would definitely go see it again too! :)Wasn't it so cute?! Remember: "toss, toss!" hahaha


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