Thursday, December 18, 2008

MUST HAVE//: [car | butt warmer]

Winter is finally here in LaLa Land (YAY for the snow, boo for the cold) and with that comes freezing cold cars in the mornings on our way into work. And like me I'm assuming your cars also take a while to heat up enough to be able to blow out warm/hot air into your car.

This is way I filed this under the "Must Have". Ever morning (even when its not winter out... I get cold easily) instead of turning my car heater on right away I just push my seat heater button. It warms my bum up in a jiffy!

I had this function on my '97 M3 and so it was a MUST that I had it in a my car. That was the only extra option I wanted and got. I honestly don't know how I'd survive without it... Haha okie I'm lying, but it is one of those luxury items on the top of my list.

Keep warm and toasty during this holiday season!

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