Thursday, September 10, 2009

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[image taken w/my bb outside the theater]

The stylist's Assistant & I have been starting work super early and @ times working late as well and it really meant a lot to us when the stylist was nice enough (& we were lucky enough) to let us go to the Coco before Chanel LA premiere yesterday night to watch the movie before it comes drops in theaters.

We were exhausted & had to start work early again the next day, but it was worth it. The movie was AMAZING, we loved it! Audrey Tautou was adorable (in the movie @ at the premiere). I don't normally like foreign films, reading subtitles to me... takes away from the movie, but Coco before Chanel was so well done. Of course to enjoy the film you'd probably have to LOVE Chanel, and/or love fashion because otherwise why would you care about Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's life before Chanel, right?!

Funny side note/story for you guys. so a while back when I was still a full-time graphic designer looking into getting my foot in the door as a fashion stylist, I received an email from the FIDM alumi department inviting me to a fashion stylist mixer/panel (last year). So of course I went, thought I'd get insight on how to start to become a stylist & where to start. I was also hoping to get inspired and to get guidance but got the complete opposite from this stylist. funniest thing though... Last night I saw the stylist @ the premiere and was seated right next to the stylist. Apart of me wanted to say "My foots in the door Bee-otch! Even though you told me I didn't have a chance with a graphics background. Now what?! AND I'm sitting next to you @ this premiere. Get off your high horse please!!" Ha! But I was mature & did say anything. Lol. This story proves to you that when you keep your head held high, you will forever stay on the up rise! Don't let no one hold you down!


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