Thursday, September 10, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | 90210]

Most days consist of pulling clothing for clients and/or doing returns. Which I do enjoy doing, but what might (I said might) top that is when we're able to dress the client & get them ready for the actual event. I've been able to do fittings which is super exciting, but being able to see everything come together is just AMAZING!

On this day I was able to go with the stylist and help dress a client from 90210 for an event. Just being able to see the hair, make up, clothes & accessories all put together is very rewarding for me. And when the client has a smile & feels gorgeous/sexy/beautiful its to die for... Nothing better (ok maybe but only a rare few moment are better ha)!

You always hear stories about celebrities and how diva-ish they are. But to be honest this client was nothing but sweet/adorable to me. I <3 her, she's such a doll!


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