Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PERSONAL: [day 7 | internship]

Today was a fairly slow day. Looked thru & organized all the possible Emmy dress and put them on racks so that the stylist can see what options we have.

There's this AMAZING couture dress... AMAZING. But unfortunately its not the right color for the client. If only I had a reason/event to wear something like that to. Shoot I'd even be happy with just being able to try it on! Ha. Its Seriously GORGEOUS! The fabric (silk & lace), draping, how its gathered, how it lays/flows,... To die for!

As for today's highlight: I was told/forced (ha!) to try QuickTrim diet pills because the stylist didn't wanna be wired with energy so she had me try it first. And everyone that knows me knows I can't swallow pills, but she was like "no, ill show you. I had the same problem" so she shoves the pill down my throat and pours tons water in my mouth. If only you guys could see how much water I spit back up haha BUT amazingly the pill went down... YAY!! (Which BTW feels like its still stuck in my throat even though I know its not ha) Obviously things work differently with different people, but let me just tell you... Not a fan! I feel boated, gas-y, tummy hurts, & I feel like I have to poo. Yuck, never again! But YAY for swallowing my first pill EVERRR!!! Ha

Bed time (as you can see the diet pill didn't give me energy ha), early day tomorrow. Day 8: Emmy fitting.

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