Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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People always say that things happen for a reason & that when one door closes another one opens. I've always somewhat believed in that saying, but it really wasn't until recently that I've come to truly believe in it.

I've been a Graphic Designer for the last 7yrs and for the last 4-5yrs I've been dreaming of starting a new career in Fashion and since I know I wouldn't be great at being a full on fashion designer, I've always thought it would be amazing if I could try to become a fashion stylist.

I grew up being a tomboy so I was really late to the fashion game, but better late than never, right?! Ha. I think we all grow, change & mature everyday of our lives. We never stop growing & changing into the person we are & who we're going to be. This is why I started my career as a Graphic Designer, figured out the hard way that sitting in front of a computer all day wasn't my cup of tea but at the same time I found my love for fashion. (When I mean fashion I don't mean Brand names, because fashion to me isn't about the Brands. Its about the look, the style & the fit.)

You might be wondering why I waited so long to change my career, and to be honest... It was the money. Luckily for me, the hubby & I have worked are tails off for the last 8-7yrs to be able to be in an amazing position where we've saved a good amount of money, and the hubby is making enough on his own for us to be able to live off of while I get to try to start my career from the bottom up.

As we all know the economy is not doing well at all. So back in June I was laid off from my Graphic Design position and to tell you the truth, it was very bitter sweet! It actually gave me the push to finally try and pursue something that I've only dreamed about. The only problem, its not an easy task to get your foot in the door and to become a stylist with NO fashion background. A part of me thought it would never happen and that I'd probably have to go back to being a Graphic Designer (which isn't horrible, just not what I wanna do at the moment). But then I get a call from the hubby's cousin telling me about this amazing opportunity to internship with a celebrity fashion stylist. I seriously DIED when she told me about it and next thing you know, I'm an intern!

Its a once in a life time opportunity and I thank the hubby & cousin so much for their love & support in my new adventure (of course along w/all my family & friends). The experience has been crazy but worth it. I've loved every moment of it so far.

Since I've been super busy with this internship I haven't had time to blog as much. But I thought maybe it would be fun if I started to blog more about my internship. If not for you guys, then for me so I can someday read back & remember everything. We all know how awful my memory is. Ha!

Here's a little break down of what I've been able to do so far:
• Dropped off shoes to one of the clients home
• Pulled clothes/shoes for client to attend the Melrose Place premiere
• Returned a huge bag full of Jimmy Choo shoes
• Pulled dresses for a client to attend the emmy's
• returned clothes back to the fashion houses/showrooms
• Help fit clients for their events
• Bring clothes to get tailored
• Pull/return shoes at Sergio Rossi's PR's showroom

**pulling clothes means going to a fashion showroom or store and grabbing possible clothing options for a client to wear to their event.**

Today's highlight: picking up 4 possible Emmy dresses at Valentino. What a heard life right?! Lol <3

wish me luck!

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