Sunday, September 20, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | emmys]

We've been gearing up for the Emmy's every since I've started interning, which has been almost a month & a half now.

And today all our hard work & long hours will pay off. We dressed 4 clients for tonight's event & all 4 dresses are gorgeous! But we all know its not only about the dress... Its the hair, make up & accessories as well. Which sadly isn't always in the stylist control but none the less they all looked fabulous tonight!

We also got a few new interns this week in which one of them I get the feeling is very cut throat and is willing to stab people in the back to get what & where she wants. She's already trying to get bossy with everyone on her 3rd day. So I must watch what I say to her & keep my distance.

All I know is I just have to keep my head held high & stay forever on the up rise!

Did you guys watch the Emmy's? I normally get bored of awards shows, but Neil Patrick Harris did a good job. It was entertaining.

Ok I'm pooped, Good night!

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