Sunday, September 27, 2009

PERSONAL: [mina's bday | scavenger hunt]

i had never really heard of a bday scavenger hunt before. So when i heard about Mina's, my initial thought/reaction was "this could either be super fun or really awful!" But to honest, it was SO much FUN!!!

they broke us up into groups. they separate the couples into different groups, which i think was smart (i think i had more fun not being on the hubby's team ha). then they gave us a list of things we have to do, get, photograph and/or video tape. (i.e. get a stranger to pump your gas, human pyramid in front of the Mc Donald's arches, find a 1979 coin, 42¢ stamp, get an application at a hostess bar, down a beer with a stranger, take 4 shots, take a photo on a firetruck (extra points if with a fire fighter), slide down the fire station pole...) each item was given a point of how much it's worth and at the end of the hunt everyone's items were tallied up based of the points and not the number of items your group completed.

my team consist of me, kelsey, morgan, jay & steve. unfortunately we came in second to the hubby's team. but in the end we all had fun time... we even wanted to try and extend the scavenger hunt.

all in all what a great idea. i highly recommend this to everyone. here's some of the photos of the tasks we accomplished...

oh yeah and while doing these tasks we had to wear masks. heehee

hope you had a fun filled birthday.


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