Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | reem acra]

The Emmys are this Sunday, which means busy, busy, busy! Today we worked 12+hrs, met with fashion designer, Reem Acra, who btw is so extremely sweet, adorable & so amazing! <3 her! We got to see first hand her Spring 2010 collection, fresh off the NY runway. Had 3 fittings back to back and our last fitting ended @ 8pm.

What a crazy long day. But to tell you the truth meeting Reem Acra was so worth all of that, I'm still in ahh from meeting her. What an amazing experience, I'm so extremely grateful for all the opportunities/experiences the stylist has given me thus far (little over a month). Its definitely hard work, but worth every moment.

Styling is definitely want I wanna do, I enjoy every moment of it. Its as fun & exciting as it sounds but a lot more work & harder than you'd think it would be.

Ok Off to bed, another long day & early start tomorrow. Boy am I pooped.

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