Monday, November 29, 2010

FASHION: [layering | styling tip #3]

• Tip #3:

Layering adds character!

I love layering. I might be a little bias because of where i grew up. We had cold winter days and freezing winter nights. Definitely not like the winters i get now down in Southern California.

When you grow up in cold weather you tend to learn how to layer in order to survive. Especially for someone like me who gets cold easily, I needed to be able to have enough layers on to keep warm outside and be able to adjust the layers while inside. And somehow this stuck and grew into my over all personal style.

Now days I still get cold easily but instead of layering for survival, I layer to add character to my outfits. For example, most will wear and shirt and then a jacket or heavy sweater... but me, I'll add a cardigan in between and sometimes on top of all that i might add a coat. It won't always work, as with anything it all depends on the outfit and the items you're trying to pair together. Check out my Polyvore sets for examples of my layering.

Especially now that it's winter, it's a great time to try layering. Of course layering might not be for everyone, just fallow your own personal style and work off that. It can never hurt to try new things. In the end, just be yourself.

Until next time!

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