Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FASHION: [lanvin + h&m | collaboration]

For those that have been fallowing my blog, you already will know that I've been a huge fan of Lanvin for years now. So you can only image how excited i was when i heard back in September that Lanvin was the next designers to do a collaboration with H&M. Which was released on Saturday, November 20th, 2010. I think it's great when high-end designers and affordable brands join together to create a collection that more people are able to purchase.

And as much as i love this concept there are a few down falls that I've personally come across. In most of the collaboration collections so far i haven't really fallen in love with any of them. At most i'd like one or two items if that from each collection, that is until now! I might be bias but this is by far my favorite collaboration collection ever! Plus i believe this was the first collaboration to include a men's collection. Another down fall with most of these types of collections is usually the quality but surprisingly the Lanvin collection for H&M's quality is actually pretty decent. I can't wait to see how H&M is going to top this collaboration.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Lanvin for H&M collection:

On top of Lanvin and H&M creating a collection for the masses, Artistic Director Alber Elbaz of Lanvin has customized unique haute couture looks from the Lanvin for H&M collection. The looks were revealed at a fashion show in New York and are now being auctioned exclusively at this site. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to UNICEF, as part of H&M’s “All for Children” project.

Bid for Haute Couture looks customized from the Lanvin for H&M collection.
Don’t miss your chance to own a unique piece of the Haute Couture collection from Lanvin for H&M. Bidding closes at 11:59 PM CET on November 26th.

Five of Mr. Alber Elbaz’s original and signed sketches are also included in this auction.

All the looks are super cute and i wish i could have them all. but one of my favorites is the using the Lanvin for H&M's garment bag and making it into a dress (photoed on the right). I would definitely wear it, i might just have to transform my Lanvin for H&M garment bag into this cute dress. whats your favorite Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture look?

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ps. thank you to my wonderful family and friend who helped me get my hands on the collection. i was unable to do so myself because of family obligations. i heart you guys!

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