Thursday, November 18, 2010

BEAUTY: [covergirl outlast lipcolor | review]

Most of you that know me, know that my go-to lip color is natural/nude. I'm just not that type of girl that likes to reapply make-up and when you wear dark lip color you have to keep reapplying unless you want to walk around with a pink/red stained lip. I don't know about you, but that's not exactly the look I'm going for. So the other day i decided to try the Covergirl Outlast all-day lipcolor in burgundy. What's better than having lipcolor that lasts all day, right?!

Well there's a few things you should know before applying the Covergirl Outlast all-day lipcolor. Don't try using any other lip liner besides the ones in the Covergirl Outlast line. If you do, the lipcolor will eventually ball up and peel off. Also, to apply, apply a light even coat of the lipcolor first, let dry and then apply again for a second coat. Be sure not to over apply the lipcolor, it will clump and flake off if you do.

Over all this product works great. It does exactly what it says it will. The only downside is that with the lipcolor on your lips feel dry even when you have the moisturizing topcoat and lipgloss on. Also be sure to reapply the moisturizing topcoat and lipgloss every so often, if the lips get dried out the lipcolor will flake off.

Would i use it again?! Definitely, i just have to get used to the reapplying of the topcoat/lip gloss and the feeling of the dry lips. Oh and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when you take the lipcolor off with make-up remover your lips aren't color stained at all... that's definitely a plus in my book.

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