Monday, November 29, 2010

ACCESSORIES: [mens | tie pins]

I know that most of my post are typically geared towards the ladies but today's post is for the men.

It's always sexy when a guy looks like he knows how to dress. Notice how I said "looks like". It doesn't matter how you end up in the outfit, it could be a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, friend and/or stylist that dressed you, as long as you look put together that's all that matters and in the end its all about the accessories (Tip #2).

I styled a photo shoot this past weekend for my good friends at Krista Mason Photography and i didn't realize until then how much I love men's tie-pins (I used Gentry's Carraway tie-pin from their Fitzgerald collection - Gentry Carraway jewelry collection photoed on the left, click to enlarge). Don't get me wrong, I still love me a good tie-bar on a guy but the simplicity of a tie-pin... i die for!

Most guys might hear accessories and/or jewelry and run when it comes to adding them to their outfit and if you are one of those guys you should seriously reconsider your stereotype of it. Just like it does for the ladies, Accessories give an outfit that finishing touch.

For example, check out the image below taken from Gentry's F/W 2010 lookbook.
It gives a little hint of style and character that some might not even notice right away and I love that!

If you haven't already gone over to Gentry to check out their amazing pieces you should do so now. Their love for the details makes me love them even more. Right now Gentry only sells their tie-pins via their box sets but that shouldn't stop you from getting the whole set because all of their pieces will give you that polished finished look that all men need. You know that saying "dress to impress!"?! live by it!

Until next time.


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