Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FASHION: [versatility | styling tip #4]

• Tip #4:

Being versatile saves money and gives you options!
Most people buy their clothes and only see it the one was that it's shown. I guess this can also fall in the line of Tip #3: Layering. Because depending on how you decided to layer your outfit together, it can dress it up and/or dress it down, kind of like Tip #2: accessories. All the layering and accessories kind of go hand-in-hand on if you're dressing up or down your outfit.

A great example was when i was trying to figure out what to wear to my brother-in-law's wedding. I knew I wanted to wear a long dress being that it was during a cold winter/rainy month but i didn't want to look to formal. I had had my eye on this Lazaro dress for a while and i think i was just trying to find an excuse to finally buy it and wear it. So to dress it down i decided to add a long dark brown cardigan bel
ted along with thick pearls to accent it. Now i just need to find an event to wear the Lazaro dress in all it's glory. ha! Don't you just love the back of the dress?? I sure do!
Below are before and after images.

[right: Lazaro dress alone. left: me at my brother-in-law's wedding dressing down the lazaro dress]

In most cases personal, I'm more likely to dress something down rather than up being that I'm usually not going to too many dressy event and all. But to dress up an outfit, that depends on the accessories (shoes, jewelry, clutch etc.).

Being versatile doesn't only refer to dressing an outfit up or down. I'm also referring to how you pair things up in general. You can get more outfits out of one item than you think. For example, I have this floral sheer DVF shirt dress that i also convert into a top. Sometimes i add a skirt over it,other times I'll feel like tucking it into shorts or pants. That of course is on top of wearing it as a dress with a cardigan along with belting it and black sheer tights and a pair of booties to top it off.

I Guess what I'm trying to say is, try opening up your mind to how you put an outfit together. Sometimes outfits can be made from things you'd never think of and in multiple ways. Don't be cookie-cutter, explore. Just remember whatever you decide to wear, own it and be you!

Until next time.

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