Thursday, June 11, 2009

GREAT FIND: [poladroid project | program]

did the news of Polaroid stopping production on their instant cameras over a year ago sadden you as much as it did to me?!

well i've just found the next best thing. it's not as cool as the actual thing but its just as close. it's called Poladroid – an online program available for Windows and Mac users that converts your digital shots into digital Polaroid look-alikes. YAY!

What’s so cool about about Poladroid? You drag and drop your digital photos on top of the camera and then the camera shoots out a blank photo (just like the real thing) that slowly “develops” on your computer desktop.

Sticking true Polaroid form, you can only take 10 shots at a time.

Also, for you iPhone owners, Shakeit is an iPhone App that uses the same tinted colors, staggered developing process and entertaining “shake” technique. which means the Polaroids actually develop quicker if you shake it. This app will costs you $.99 US. i might have to carry around my deactivated iPhone just to have this app handy haha.

Polaroid is also coming out with PoGo but its just not the same without the white border and the crazy vintage-looking color hue. if you know what i mean?!


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