Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PERSONAL: [question | car]

Would you buy the same exact car as your friend/someone you know? (Color/model/year)

why the question you might ask?!

I had a pretty heated argument with a friend. she had stated that I'm a snobby/selfish person for wanting to drive a different car than everyone else I know. I like individuality, does that make me a snob?

She said that if she liked/wanted the same exact car that her friend drove she would just get it. And yes maybe it is selfish of me to think the way I do, but if that's the case wouldn't it also be selfish of the person for just buying something because they wanted it and not consider the other persons feelings on the matter too? (In no way do I or am I looking down @ people who do or have, I'm just trying to defend my character and playing devils advocate, you know?!)

Maybe its just me, but I grew up in a place where your car was an extension of ones self, not in a status kind of way(I can care less about that) but in a way where its another way of identifying a person. (i.e. "Hey there goes so & so")

In no way am I saying that no one I know can have the same car or that its wrong of a friend to have the same car as me. But I myself, just personally try NOT to get cars that other people I KNOW. Do I wish everyone thought the same way.. Yea! Do I expect them too... Of course NOT! Its personal opinions and people can do what they want. Would I ever tell a friend they can't get the same car?! Of course not. Would I prefer them to get a different color, yea but would I de-friend, hate or be mad at them if they didn't get a different color?! No!

Its just personal preference. No ones right or wrong. I dunno like I said, maybe its just me? so tell me, what are your personal thoughts on the topic? (don't worry, no judgments here)

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