Sunday, October 26, 2008

MUST HAVE//: [dream | boots]

i know i've posted this boots before, which are my dream boots. not because who they're made by, but because they're seamless, classic, elegant and so much more. 

every girl out there knows that the PERFECT pair of boots are one of the hardest things to find and every girl out there has their own vision of what they're perfect boot is and every since i can remember i've always wanted one with rounded toes and NO seam. 

i've always dreamt about this boot and now i have FINALLY found them. yesterday was the first time i actually tried them on. it was like they were made especially for me. obviously i can't tell if they're long term comfortable but from what i could tell by just trying them on, my toes weren't cramped, the arch wasn't strained... from what i could tell i probably could walk a while in them.  

i was with my friend krista at the time and she's normally the one telling me that i'm crazy for even thinking about spending that type of money... but even when she saw them on me she said "i'm not even going to lie, they look HOT on you! you should get them." and to be completely honest if they had my size i probably would've got them no questions asked. (they only had my size in the suede) 

i had a OMFG moment when i zipped up these boots. OMFG! 

{source: net-a-porter}

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