Monday, October 27, 2008

PERSONAL//: [wardrobe | edit]

a few months ago i decided to go thru my entire wardrobe so that i could edit out all the pieces of clothing that i don't wear, wouldn't wear and shouldn't wear again. this past sunday i decided to go thru my wardrobe once again and edit even more. i feel like a second edit is always a good thing because your first edit you're more attached to things and are more hesitant to let go of things. at the second edit you've gotten use to letting things go and had time to rethink about what to keep and what to let go. 

i actually feel good to let things go and make more room for new and better clothing. ha! the weird thing tho, out of all the clothes i just edited out of my closet, it still feels like i have no room. *sigh*

next thing i have to do is edit out my accessories, especially the old tennis shoes. gotta make room for my fabulous new heels. ha!

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