Saturday, July 18, 2009

ADDICTION: [starbucks | mocha frap]

I've always been a fan of Starbucks mocha frappachino but never craved it as much as I do now.

Annie & I took a much needed vaca to Waikiki Hawai'i for 6 days last week and being that Hawai'i is so hot & humid, on top of Annie being addicted to coffee, what's better than a nice, cold, refreshing Starbuck Mocha Frap... Right?! Ha. I think we got one everyday except MAYBE one or two days lol.

And since we've been back I've had one everyday except once... twice if you include today's wanna-be Mocha Frap aka Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean. So not the same! Lol

What an expensive habit! Imma need to kick this obsession like its crack haha.

Wish me luck!

ps. I'll try and get out of vaca mode & post pics of our trip to Hawai'i soon.
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