Monday, June 08, 2009

WEEKEND RECAP: [travels | sacramento]

This weekend the hubby (yes the hubby) and I headed up to Sacramento for my Aunty Judi's surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday.

I get home from work & finished packing using my brand spanking new luggage (YAY!). I seriously was shocked when I was able to pack both of our stuff in my luggage. Normally I have no space left to fit Daren's 2 t-shirts, 2 shocks, 1 jeans, 1 polo shirt & 1 undershirt... But I did it! Lol

Once Daren got home we were off to LAX to grab Mexican food @ the airport for dinner (like I always do before my flights) and to catch our short flight to the 916.

While @ the airport I got a text from my cousin Geof saying he didn't get the banner Nic (his sister) had asked me to make for their mom's party. Doh! I had sent to Wednesday afternoon thinking it would definitely get there by friday... Guess not! I knew I should've sent it over night or taken it with me on the plane. Oh well. Live and learn!

Oh and I didn't tell my parents that I was going to bring Daren with me, I wanted it to be small surprise. Plus I figured that since my parents are now planning to come down here for both Thanksgiving & Christmas this year the rest of my family won't be able to see him.

So once we landed safely in Sacramento my dad picked us up. When we arrived at my parents house we chatted for a few minutes but we were super tired and headed to bed. Plus my cousin Geof wanted me to wake up early to help him set up the party.

I woke up around 8:30am so I could take a shower and get ready before my cousin Geof came to pick me up at 9:30am. As Daren of course slept in. Lol go figure right?!

Geof & I then headed over to Wishing Well (party store) to pick up balloons and a back up banner. After that we headed to Freeport Bakery to pick up the awesomely decorated cake (wish I took a photo of it). Then we headed to Geof's house to pick up the flowers. By this time it was already 10:45am (party started @ 11am) and the Party people were already heading to the venue (Fortune House Chinese Restaurant) so we headed over there to set up. We were hopping that banner I made would've made it just in time... But sadly it didn't.

The surprise was a success! She wasn't expecting it at all. My cousin's planned it out perfectly. They planned a family dinner Sat night so she wasn't expecting it. I guess geof also told her I probably wouldn't be able to come because I was just there and Daren hardly comes up so she wasn't expecting him either. But of course I didn't find this out until the end of the night when my mom had told me. I was wondering why she looked so surprised to see me there let alone daren. Good one guys ha!

After lunch Daren & I headed off to the movies to go see the Hangover. It was funny, but not as funny as I thought it was going to be.

And after the movies it was time for dinner (was still full from lunch & popcorn lol). Daren had TONS of work to do so he opted out of dinner and had us drop him off at startbucks so he could work with no distractions (I.e. TV, bed etc). So we did, and then head off to Scott's Seafood for dinner.

4 hours later we were finally done with dinner and went to go pick Daren up from starbucks. Lol

We had lunch with the Sato's (kellie, brent & my nephew brodie) & natalie at Paesano's (sp?) In elk grove or should I say Breakfast. For some strange reason they now don't serve lunch until 2pm on weekends... Its that weird?? We were so sad but decided to stick it out any ways.

After lunch it was time to pack up and head over to the cemetery to visit my brother's nitch. I haven't gotten to go the last few trips back and especially since Daren was with me this time, I thought we should definitely go pay him a visit.

Then it was off the airport. Sadly for Daren I accidentally scheduled our flight back during the Laker/Magic Game 2. But I got to catch the beginning and he would've caught the end if he wasn't a workaholic and didn't head into the office once we landed. Lol

All in all the weekend was nice. Nice to have the hubby around and with me... For the most part. Most weekends consist of him working a lot. (Thanks again for flying up with me babe! 123)

Welp that was my weekend. Sorry no pictures... I really need to get better at taking them ha. But I hope you guys all had great weekends.

Until next time...

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