Saturday, May 30, 2009

TRAVELS: [tumi | luggage]

guess what people?! i finally broke down and bought me my own luggage. no more hand-me-downs from my parents. YES! i'm finally a grown adult with her very own luggage yay! haha.

a while back daren told me to just go ahead and buy it at regular price but when i went into the store i just couldn't do it. But as i was returning/exchanging things over at H&M today i saw that the Tumi store was having a sale and decided to go in and check to see if the luggage i've been eye for over a year now was on sale... and guess what?! IT WAS!!! YAY!

i originally had my eye on the luggage in brown but when i went in and saw it in blue/navy i liked it even better. it has aqua colored lining!!! SOLD! lol i also decided to buy the matching smaller carry-on that fits over the handles. so for the price of the luggage at full price i got 2 pieces. can you say SCORE???!!!!

however i do feel somewhat bad about spending money, but i do travel every month and ill be heading to hawaii in a month and NYC in 3 months. so ill definitely get my monies worth. but i still can't help but have a little buyers remorse about buying them. maybe it's because i haven't spent that much money on one purchase in a very-very long time. >_< at least they were on sale right?! lol

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