Monday, June 22, 2009

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with some recent events that had gone down with me and the company i worked for (yes! that's right past tense) it was only a matter of time in this economy/recession that i would most likely get laid off when the time came. so when i (along with 3 other people) was called into the conference room on friday, i pretty much knew i was probably getting let go.

people ask me if i knew it was coming? no, but i kinda had a feeling especially when we didn't really have any work coming in. but i still felt it was a little unexpected, if that makes any sense ha. especially since i thought i've been work my butt off and have been kicking ass on the jobs we have been working on recently, clients picking my work etc. but oh well their loss right?!

but to be completely honest it's very much bitter sweet. after recent events i've been some what looking to get out, so this really gave me a bigger push. the saddest part about me getting let go is my coworkers... i'm going to miss them. hopefully we'll still keep in touch.

i also truly appreciate the apologies for me getting laid off... but seriously DON'T BE! i'm sure as hell not. ha! i always look at it as "everything happens for a reason" and "when one door closes another one opens" and i truly believe that. now i have time to focus and get back intouch with me and what i really wanna do. life's too short!

but as happy as i am about getting laid off and to start the "vacation", i do however feel exteremly bad to have to put all the financial reponsablities onto daren now. so hopefully i'll be able to find a new job in no time... after a vacation of course! hahaha

i still dont think it's truly kicked in yet that i dont have work anymore. i still feel that "MAN! i dont wanna go to work tomorrow!" whine lol.

well wish me luck on my new jouney.

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