Monday, October 06, 2008

MOBILE//: [sunny | los angeles]

(photo taken with my iphone, on the way to the office)

I'm crossing my fingers praying that the weather is going to get
cooler and the rain will start falling. I need a good snowboarding
season... It's been 3 years since there was a good amount of snow fall
here in California.

But you know, one thing I can't complain about is that 3 years ago was
when I truly needed the good snow season and it was!!! That was the
season I found out my brother was told he had lymphoma and to keep my
mind off of his illness I took to the snow. Today I thought to myself
"I don't know how I would've gotten thru that time of my life if I
didn't go snowboarding." it was like someone was looking after me.

before 3 years ago I hadn't gone snowboarding in 3 years. Mostly
because I didn't know anyone who went boarding down here in lala land.
Luckly my friend Mina wanted to learn how to snowboard that year and
we went crazy. We pretty much went snowboarding almost ever weekend
since Xmas that year. We went so much that by the end of the season
she had already picked up carving.

We've been disappointed with every season since. We're hopping this
season is the season to bring it out of the slump so we're crossing
our fingers. It is a little too early to tell, but I'm over to sun and
I'm ready for the rain, cold and snow already.

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