Monday, October 06, 2008

TECHNOLOGY//: [blackberry bold | delayed]

{photo source: engadet}

delayed once again. first july, next was august, then it was october and now its...????? all they say is sometime this year. but to be honest i wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed until next year at this rate. i'm so close to being "over" this phone already. the excitement has left the building and irritation has set in. 

i guess it's better than pay that hefty price only to get a faulty device. (AT&T are doing tests on the BB Bold and it has yet to pass)

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  1. i'm not sure exactly but i guess i had some links on that article i pasted on before that led to spam advertising and such... i just erased the whole entry cuz they warned me that they would delete my blog if i didn't fix it! haha


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