Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Hi my lovelies!

So today I found out who the next designer collaboration for H&M will be... Versace! They've designed iconic pieces from iconic moments past & present. About 40 Women's pieces and 20 Men's pieces plus accessories to be in stores November 17, 2011 and shortly followed by a pre-spring collection that will be available online from January 19, 2012.

Here are some speak peek images for the upcoming collection...

I'm in love with the studded dresses and the mid high peep-toe booties. I can't wait to see what else the collection will bring. My personal style doesn't really go with what Versace is all about but from what I see so far from these photos, I can definitely make some of them work.

STYLING TIP: Never buy something just going based off the designer/brand name!
Just because something is made by a designer/brand doesn't always make it fashionable and fabulous for everyone and anyone. You should always spend you money on pieces that fit you will, and fit into your style. Always look for quality, fit, style and longevity. Spending money on "trendy" pieces isn't very smart (unless you're rich), spending it on the classic quality pieces that will last a while is always smart. Also, just like buying based off the designer brand names... fallowing every trend isn't a must. If you want to fallow a trend, be sure to pick and choose and make it fit into your own style otherwise you'll come out looking like you're trying way too hard.

{source: vogue.co.uk, hm.com}

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