Tuesday, March 01, 2011

GREAT FIND: [target | re-release | collaborations]

For those of you that have missed out on a lot of the Target designer collaborations... good news! They're re-releasing a number of dresses from most of the collections. To check out the selected dresses head on over to Fashionista.com.

I personally haven't been impressed with most of the collaborations with target. They're either nothing like what the actual designers would really design and/or the quality for the price is actually awful. But don't get me wrong I have purchased a select few items from some of the collections. Like this Rodarte dress...
it's a very cute dress but not everyone can wear satin bows on both of their shoulders. So I had to remove them, because I personally can't pull that look off.

But there is one dress that i didn't get a chance to get when it was first released at Target and that's this Takoon dress...
Hopefully I'll be able to purchase it once Target releases it on March 13th.


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