Wednesday, March 09, 2011

BEAUTY: [make up | brush | cleaning tip]

I'm not a make-up artist but I have invested in some nice make-up brushes over the last 9-10 years. I really like to shop around to find the perfect brush for me and what I need.

So far my favorite brushes are by:

Trish McEvoy :
I love the over all look for her brushes. The clear handles give it this nice clean look. What I love most of all are the hairs that she uses on her brushes, they're so soft and i LOVE it! Beware, her brushes aren't cheap but if you take care of them they'll last a very long time. If i had the money, i would definitely invest in every brush she makes.

Bobby Brown:
I only have one brush from Bobby Brown but i love it and I also took a look at their brushes last week. They have nice soft brushes as well. So I might have to start investing into some more BB brushes.

Laura Mercier:
I believe I started my collection of brushes with Laura Mercier. She has a good solid set of brushes. I'm in love with her pony tail blender brush and her smudge brush.

When you start investing your money into anything you definitely want to take care of them to make sure you're able to get the most use out of them for you money. So of course I've ALWAYS bought make-up brush cleaner and I've tried a bunch of different ones. But the brushes were never as soft as when I first bought them.

Recently I was at my friends house and she has the same Trish McEvoy powder brush as me but hers was still super soft. So she told me her little secret to how she keeps her brushes so soft.... Baby shampoo! I was socked because I've been spending money on actual brush cleaners by the make-up companies. So of course I went home and tried washing my brushes with baby shampoo (good thing thats what i wash my dog in, so i had some lying around).

The baby shampoo actually made my brushes soft again and it's cheaper. What an amazing tip and money saver. I love it! Thanks Mina!


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