Monday, February 21, 2011

LOOK FOR LESS: [christian loubutin | studded bow | heel]

This week's 'Look for less' goes to these fierce Christian Louboutin 'Clou Noeud' slingbacks for $1195. N.Y.L.A. has created a cheaper version called 'Genevieve' for less then 10% for the regular price of the Louboutin's at $104.95.

Obviously the N.Y.L.A versions aren't as fierce with the lack of detail but for the price difference I'd say its not bad.

I personally don't mind buying replica shoes if they still look like they're made well and/or very close to the original and unfortunately i don't think these N.Y.L.A. version's one of them. I think the Christian Louboutin 'Clou Noeud' shoe is so memorable that you can't slack on the detail if you're going to replicate them.


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