Monday, November 15, 2010

FASHION: [cost | styling tip #1]

Style some would say is subjective and in a way I would have to agree with this statement. But i do think there is always a stylish way to wearing anything and this is my 1st tip on styling.

• Tip #1:

Looking well put together has nothing to do with how much an outfit cost.

this is probably one of the most common misconceptions about being stylish. How much you spend on your clothes and/or what brand you're wearing doesn't automatically mark you fashionable. You can still look like a "million bucks" without spending a million bucks and you can look like a hot mess even when you do. Style is all in how will you can put the clothing and accessories together.

My husband and i aren't rich and haven't won the lotto (yet!), so one of the #1 key rules I live by when it comes to putting outfits together is being able to mix a few key pieces that may cost a little more money and match them up with pieces that are more on the cheaper side, like from Target (my favorite store), H&M, Zara and even Forever 21.

Certain key items I personally think needs to have the quality/details and in most cases that mean spending more money on these items. For instance, I personally think that you always have to have a good pair of jeans and a nice bag/purse. If you're wearing a bad pair of jeans (which normally mean the fabric is cheap and the fit is horrible) added with a cheap looking bag, it doesn't matter how nice your top, jacket and/or accessories are it's a recipe for disaster. But of course there's always SOME exceptions to every rule, so I'm not saying this is the case all the time.. but most.

Tops, Jackets and Accessories (costume jewelry, shoes, etc.) are always easier to find at the cheaper stores. You just have to know what to look for. Make sure you're not picking out something that looks cheap even though it is. Always try to buy items that look more than they actually are. If it's $5 and looks like it's $5 DON'T get it but if it's $5 and looks like it's $50, those are the items you want to buy.

Also on the items you do decided to spend more money on, unless you're financially able to, make sure these items are versatile and not trendy. Try to spend your money on timeless pieces and keep the trendier items on the cheaper side. Their called trends for a reason and you don't have be into every single trend in order to be in style. Unless you're rich and/or a celebrity be smart with your purchases.

Here is an example to help you understand the styling tip a little better:

the Tapered Leg Trousers to the left are from Forever 21 for $22.50. But because they have a look and feel of a silk blend even though it's actually polynosic/polyester, it looks like it could be a lot more expensive than they actually are.

Pair these trousers with a loose plain white cotton tank like this T by Alexander Wang on along with some simple accessories... you have yourself a effortless look for less.

I hope in reading this tip it has helped you to look at your purchases differently and hopefully it will guide those of you in need into developing/sharpening your own personal style.


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