Friday, August 06, 2010

PERFUME: [viktor & rolf | flowerbomb]

a few months ago i went on a search for my "new" signature scent. a scent that i wouldn't mind putting on everyday. for a while it was Versus "Time for Pleasure" until it got discontinued (still love it!). then i went on to Victoria Secrets body spray "love spell" until i felt i needed a change... which was for a while now.

i actually went into a store to purchase YSL "Parisienne" when i finally came upon my new favorite fragrance, Viktor & Rolf' "flowerbomb". at that time i think my nose was going crazy so i decided to buy the petite 0.68 oz just to try it out and one day the Stylist I'm currently working for liked it on me so much she gave me her 3.4 oz bottle because she liked how it smelled on me better. Now how nice is she?!... Love her!!


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