Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CAREER: [good things | good experiences]

Sometimes you wonder what's the next step for you and your career and if you're anything like me, you're super quick to jump to the next thing so you can learn more and experience more. I've definitely had plenty of moments where i've felt questionable about the path that I'm on, especially being at the age that I am now (30) my mind and body are quick to move along and move up fast. But I know that I'm very lucky to be working for an amazing stylist that truly and honestly respects me and that's hard to find. In the fashion/Entertainment Industry It's not often you're able to work with/for someone who says "Thank you for everything!" on a pretty regular basis, appreciates you and gives you uplifting words of encouragement.

Plus it definitely doesn't hurt that the stylist thinks of me when cleaning out her sample / kit / her closet. Today she gave me this Dolce & Gabbana champagne satin sheath dress (shown in photo). I have to get it tailored to my body, fix a little tear and steam out the wrinkles but other than that... i think its safe to say I definitely scored!! (on top the the V&F flowerbomb purfume and YSL platform pumps she already gave me >_<)

Did i ever mention how i found the lovely Stylist that I'm currently assisting?! It's actually from a contact a picked up while living out in NYC for 3 months during the winter. The person i was working for at Halston recommended me to the stylist and told her that i was going back to LA and lucky for me the Stylist was looking for a new Assistant a few months after i had returned to LA. That just goes to show you that every and any experience is worth it... you never know what may come of it. Don't let anyone or anything thing hold you back from your dreams and experiences. So go out and explore the world in any way your heart desires!

I may not know what my career path has in store for me in the future but i sure can't wait and I'm definitely excited to see what's going to happen next. Stay tune...


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