Saturday, December 26, 2009

POLL: [which color hunter rain boots?]

everyone knows that living in New York City during Nov-Feb is the coldest (snow & rain) time of the year. with that being said i NEED to buy rain boots. i've always wanted Hunter rain boots, but living in LA never really needed them and after actually trying them one... OMG so comfy! i might just wear them all the time. ha!

so my question to all of you is...

what color Hunter rain boot should i get??

High Gloss: Black, Grey, Violet, or Pea Green??

should i go classic with black or grey, or should i go funky and get violet or pea green??

let me know your thoughts. thanks!!



I ended up finding the Grey & Violet in my size here in NYC. As much as i loved the color Violet (which really looks Fuchsia) it was just a little too bright on my feet for my personal liking... so i stuck with the grey. Surprisingly i haven't had to use them yet, all the rain seems to be on the west cost. >_<

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