Wednesday, October 07, 2009

PERSONAL: [internship | photoshoot]

As we all know, every profession has many different types/variations of jobs within that profession. for example, i was a print graphic designer for 7 years but there's also web designers, motions graphics, logo designers, etc. that all falls under the Graphic Designer umbrella. As for a fashion stylist there's editorial/photo shoots, Print Ads, TV, Movies, Celebrity and so on.

At the moment I'm interning for a Celebrity Fashion Stylist who mostly dresses clients for the events that they have to go to. which don't get me wrong is fun and amazing... but I've ALWAYS wanted to style for a photo shoot/editorial and work on the behind the scenes of a fashion show.

So when the stylist told me that she was going to take me with her to a photo shoot... i was ECSTATIC!! My very first all out photo shoot and it was everything it thought and wanted it to be. the sets where amazing, the vibe on the shoot was high energy with a DJ playing music to keep a fun/happy environment. so far it's probably been my favorite thing I've gotten to do during this internship so far.

next on my list is helping out backstage at a high end fashion show... lets do this!


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