Monday, May 11, 2009

PERSONAL: [weekend | low down]

Its been a little while since I've actually taken time to blog on here. Normally my weekends don't consist of anything interesting so I don't see the need to share with you guys about me being a lazy couch potato. Lol but recently its been a tad busy & entertaining.

APRIL 24 WEEKEND:_____________________

A few weeks ago Annie & Ben came to visit me (well kinda ha) for the weekend (yay!). They arrived Friday night and right away I wanted to take them to some of my favorite eateries. First stop, Furaibo & Pinkberry. Both were a success... Yay!

Annie had a class trip (on Sat) to LA's fashion district to pick out fabulous fabrics for the line they have to create for this semester's project and invited me to join. We started off the day super early, 7:45am. We headed to go get annie her morning coffee and then met up with her teachers & classmates at their hotel, the Farmer's Daughter and then we were off to Downtown LA!

We walked around the garment district from 9:30am-3:30pm and found some amazing fabrics. I even ended up buying some and I don't event know how to sew YET! Lol. But they were too cute to not buy. Ha! After we walked around for 6 hours we headed over to Annie's Grandma's place to say hi and eat a little. Unfortunately we had dinner plans already, it was SO hard to leave there after tasting some of the homemade chinese food... OMG it was delicious!! I didn't want Korean BBQ after that. Sigh! Just thinking about the food again is making my mouth water. But off to Tahoe Gabli we went for some good 'ol Korean BBQ. I was so busy, wasn't thinking and completely forgot to make reservations. So we ended up waiting a good 1.5 hours for a table.

That Sunday before they left to drive back to Sac I had to take them to King's Hawaiian for some yummie Breakfast and of course sense I got her hooked on their cakes, they picked up tons of pastries and a whole doughbosh (sp?) Cake to take back home with them. Heehee. Their trip seemed so short. I wish they could've stayed longer so that I could take them to all the other great places I love to eat at. Oh well hopefully next time!

LAST WEEKEND:________________________

I worked late Fri & Sat. So unfortunately I had to miss out on all the weekend activities like Korean BBQ @ Road to Soul on Friday night with my Tatum Jones friends before they jetted off to do a show in Seattle. And on Saturday night I missed the Fabulous Bev's Bday party.

Luckily I didn't have work on Sunday, so I headed down to Torrance to go get my car washed (finally!) And then Mina & I went tanning & got me a gym membership @ La Fitness. (Which you'd be happy to know I used on tuesday, I would've gone Wed (haircut w/Jane) & Thrus (dinner @ Kristaldo's lol) but had plans already.. Yay!) Oh and then we had KBBQ @ Futosato's with the boys.

THIS WEEKEND:________________________

After work I headed over to Mina's to do card making & baking with her & Stacy. (Thanks Stacy for letting us use your scrap booking/craft stuff) Mina & I got off to a very slow and rusty start but we later got the hang of it. Ha! I don't normally like to do things on Fridays after work because I don't have much energy after working all day. So you can imagine how slow my brain was functioning that night lol.

On Saturday I did get up until 2:30pm (ha I told you I'm not use to doing things on a fri). Once I forced myself out of bed I plopped myself onto the couch (couch potato remember?! Ha) to watch my TV shows that were recorded on our DVR from the few nights before. I was on the couch until about 7pm, which is when I had to get ready to go ROLLERSKATING!!

Saturday night was Tiff's Bday Party @ the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. I didn't think the hubby could make it because of work, so I asked Mina if she's join me. Let me just tell you, I hadn't roller skated since probably Jr. High. So I was Super excited & scared and the same time.

Once we got there we got our skates, strapped in and were ready to roll (pun intended ha!). By the time we were ready to go it was "beginner/intermidate roller skating backwards" time on the floor. You can imagine how scared we were being so rusty AND having to try skating Backwards right off the bat. But we were troopers and headed on out the rink anyway. Oh boy were we rusty haha. I think I almost fell a handful of times and I didn't look graceful doing it heehee. Mina on the other hand looked calm and collected out there. If only we had video haha!

After about 5 mins going backwards it was the "advance backwards skater". Man did they make us look like fools lol. I remember being almost (not really haha) that good. Next it was finally the forward skating time on the rink. At first I was super rusty, but I got the hang of it by the end of the night. I still almost tumbled all thru out the night but I'm glad to report they were all false alarms. YAY!

I forgot how much of a work out roller skating was. Man were we sweating up a storm but we had SO much fun! i'll have to remember to wear a tank top & shorts next time. lol It brought us back to our good 'ol childhood. Thanks for inviting me Tiff & thanks for joining me Mina, I had a blast! Hope you enjoyed your bday as much as wee did Tiff!!

[i stole these photos from tiff. =p]

Sunday was Mother's day (happy mom's day to all you moms). Since my mom is in Sacramento and Daren's Mom was in Vegas we decided to just hang out and spend the day together. We started the day off by watching the laker's & rocket's game on tv. Then we headed to the Bridge to go watch X-men Wolverine (don't forget to watch for an extra scene after the credits) & Star Trek back to back. Both were entertaining but personally I think Star trek was better.

After the movies we headed to the super market to pick up food & drink and then the hubby made us dinner, hambger helper lol. Can't complain right?! At least he made dinner heehee.

Next week.. i'm off to Sacramento!!

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend and a Happy Mother's day!

PS: i really need to start using a camera again, so i can post some photos. >_<>

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