Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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So this weekend i wanted to check out these condos that are for sale down in Torrance called The Foundry. but by the time we got there on Sunday they were closed and they weren't open on Monday because of the holiday.

However i took Mina with me on Monday and the Security Guard was nice enough to allow us to walk around and look into the windows (no one's moved in yet). Lucky, the model home we could see was one of the ones with the floor plan that i was interested in. I wanted to by the place as is! haha (pictures below)

I decided to call this morning and see if i could come view the place, but i was told that there's only 3 Condos left out of 83 and that unfortunately they happened to be the smallest floor plan that they have (not the one i wanted) BUMMER!!!

i really love the open airiness of the floor plan below. it would've been PERFECT for our first place, minus the whole condo thing. lol oh well, hopefully that just means there's something better and more perfect out there waiting for us.

so the HUNT continues....

click the images to see a larger view//:

{source: the foundry}

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