Sunday, April 12, 2009

PERSONAL: [camera | hobby]

for those of you that know me, know that I've always loved photography taking/developing (before digital)/admiring (i.e. my previous post about photography).

For awhile now I've been wanting to purchase a Digital-SLR. My ultimate dream SLR is the Leica M8. but lets face it people i don't have that kinda of money to be throwing around right now (starts around $5000 body only).

but besides money i worry about how often i'd actually end up using it. So i've been thinking (also for a long-long-long time) about getting the Nikon D90. but although its a cheaper it's still a pretty penny in my eyes (body & lens around $1200-1500) i still worry about how often i'll use it.

i mean i know i'll probably only use it for vacation and trips. but really besides this year, how often do i actually go on trip and vacations? right?! And since i go to my friend Krista who is a professional wedding photographer for all my camera/photography questons, i asked her the same thing about how often i'd use it. She said the one thing I never thought about, but does interest me... FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY!

Krista said "hey you never know, maybe you'll like it and get into fashoin photography!" and although I'm not sure i'd even be that good at photography, it did peak my interest when she said it. how awesome would that be if i became a fashion stylist AND fashion photography???!!

i'm dreaming i know! ha, but sometimes it's good to dream don't you think?

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