Thursday, February 26, 2009

PERSONAL: [memories | growing up]

Yesterday my friend Candy tagged me on her Facebook notes about "first times". there were a series of questions that we're asking about your first time doing certain things (nothing sexual... get your mind out of the gutter lol).

the first question was "who was your first prom date?"and everyone knows i don't have the best memory in the world, so i got super stumped and for the life of me i couldn't remember. so i decided to look thru the photos i have here in LA from high school, but unfortunately i left my earlier high school years back home in Sacramento. so i still don't know who my first prom date was. ha!

even though i didn't have my first prom photo to refresh my memory, i still decided to go thru the photos that i did have... and boy was i speechless. i mean i know i've evolved as a person and grew up but when i was looking at the photos i realized how much i've changed over these past 6-8 years since i moved to LA, style/fashion wise. which i'm sure a lot of us has, but it's just kinda surreal in a way. you know?! lol

i can't wait to see how i evolve in the years to come!

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